Pami Pocket—the cell phone purse you can’t live without!

Finally, a cell phone purse for active women on the go.

As an active gal on the go it’s a daily dilemma. You’re headed out for a fun day at the beach, a night of dancing, a walk with your best friend (number of legs may vary) or your kid’s soccer game. But your phone is like your right arm. What if your son calls from overseas, your daughter gets stuck without a ride or your elderly mom takes a sudden spill? Not to mention that big order you’ve been waiting for at work or your employee calling with an urgent question.

Your phone is your lifeline, but the last thing you want is to lug around a big purse (even if your phone rings you can’t find it), cram it in your pocket (if you even have one) or, even worse, your bra. Plus, you need your cash, cards and keys and there’s definitely no extra room in your skinny jeans.

Introducing the Pami Pocket—the cell phone purse designed to go everywhere you go. Keep your phone and all your essentials handy, safe and, most importantly, never miss a call. Plus, it goes great with any outfit. Whether you’re in the car, the mall, at a theme park or concert, motorcycle or horseback riding—even working around the house—you’ll never have to search for your phone again. You won’t find a better traveling companion and it makes the perfect gift. One word to the wise—keep your eyes peeled because everyone who sees your Pami Pocket cell phone purse will be tempted to ‘borrow’ it!

Never miss a call and always look great.   Get your Pami Pocket cell phone purse today!

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