About the Pami Pocket

How the Pami Pocket became the perfect cell phone, smartphone and iphone pouch

It’s the perfect way to carry your cell phone, credit cards and cash.

The Pami Pocket cell phone and iphone pouch was an idea that came to Pam after constantly missing important calls. She never seemed to have a convenient way to hold her cell phone, especially when wearing her swimsuit or working in the yard.

In 2007, Pam was getting her three acres of woods and trails ready for their annual Halloween party. Her swimsuit and jean shorts were the only outfits that made sense while setting things up in the extreme heat. The problem? Every day she spent hours searching for her cell phone! She’d constantly forget where she’d set it down or miss important calls because she left it in the house. The biggest scare? One day it fell out of her pocket—it was missing for days.   Then one day she ran across a little round change purse she’d bought at a yard sale years before for just 25 cents. It had a long, thin strap and was just big enough to hold her cell phone. She started wearing it and soon realized she only missed important calls or had to search for her phone when she didn’t wear her handy little phone pouch. She started wearing it everywhere, even coordinating her outfits around it. The phone pouch worked so well, and Pam wore it so often, she wore it out. Knowing she couldn’t live without it, she got her husband to sew a black pouch in his upholstery shop that was still small and easy to carry, but big enough to hold her new, larger cell phone.

The Secret behind the Pami Pocket cell phone and iphone pouch

Pam’s black iphone pouch attracted lots of attention. People started saying, “I need that.” Or “I want one of those.” At the time, Pam never dreamed of launching it as a product. Before seeing The Secret she had Pam and her mom show off the PamiPocket iphone pouchvery limiting beliefs, considering herself lucky to have a $15 an hour job, thinking the only thing she could really accomplish was what she could do in her backyard or in the law office where she worked.

But The Secret started Pam on a quest to learn about the power of our thoughts and manifesting our desires. She saw results almost immediately. Pam put her dream on paper. Then after hearing about the InventRight kit while listening to The 4-Hour Work Week in the car with her husband, she bought it, and began her journey of personal and professional discovery. Pam sought inspiration from The YES Movie (Young Entrepreneurs Society) and joined ‘6 Minutes to Success’ in January of 2009. She continued to fuel her passion and personal development while still helping her husband deliver cars and running a household with four kids. Participating in Tony Robbin’s fire walk in March of 2010 along with her son sparked even more confidence. In September of 2010 she attended the “6 Minutes to Success” Summit in Phoenix and met Bob Proctor, one of her favorite teachers. There was no holding Pam back now.

By October she filed for her first Provisional Patent, joined several networking and mastermind groups and an inventor’s group. Pam’s husband sewed up the first prototype in the upholstery shop in their back yard. She bought her domain, found her first manufacturer and by May 2011 had her first official shipment of Pami Pockets! The response has been overwhelming.

The little iphone pouch that’s a huge inspiration

Pam’s dream is that the Pami Pocket cellphone, smartphone and iphone pouch will revolutionize the way women carry their cell phones and make every girl’s life a little easier. But beyond that, she also hopes her story will inspire other women and girls to believe in and follow their dreams. She’s living proof—anything is possible!

Big enough for your essentials. Small enough to keep you hands-free. Get your Pami Pocket cell phone, smartphone and iphone pouch.

Made in China:

Pami Pockets are currently manufactured in China, but we are continuously seeking a U.S. manufacturer.  Pami Pockets are packaged in Tampa, Florida and “Blinged” in St. Petersburg, Florida by “You Bring It, We Bling It”.