Who is Pamela French?

Meet Pamela French—creator of the perfect cell phone wallet combination

Pam French is a native Floridian, living in Tampa with her husband and their four sons.

Pamela French

Founder and inventor of the Pami Pocket--The Cell Phone Wallet Combination for Girls on the Go

Yes, the testosterone level is teetering on lethal in her house—but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Long before she created the Pami Pocket, the cell phone wallet combination for active girls on the go, Pam’s instincts were serving her well. At 21, she left her first husband to go back to her old boyfriend. P.S.—she married her old boyfriend and four sons and 25 years later they’re still in love.

As if raising four boys wasn’t enough of an adventure, Pam’s enjoyed many others before designing the Pami Pocket including being a legal secretary, starting her own wedding venue and selling vacation memberships. She started to become a model but instead became a model scout. Pam’s a big believer in the power of intentions and living proof of what can happen if you go after your dreams. See About the Pami Pocket to learn the secret behind how Pam created the cell phone wallet combination no active woman on-the-go should ever be without. Today, in addition to managing Pami Pockets, she continues to help her husband run their home-based automotive interior business, Beach Boy Automotive Inc.

When Pam’s not busy designing or helping her husband, she’s the epitome of the Pami Pocket active woman on the go. Some of her favorite activities are going to concerts, playing pirate at Gasparilla, snow skiing, relaxing at the beach and boating. But few things compare to spending time with family and friends including her morning walk to her parents’ house for coffee—the same house she grew up in. All told, Pam’s surrounded by ten households of family members within a mile of where she’s lived for the past 22 years.

Pam is also the Vice President of the Tampa Bay Inventor’s Council and a member of Working Women of Tampa Bay which, together with her family, played important roles in her successful journey. One thing that remains at the heart of both her personal and professional lives is staying connected. Thanks to the Pami Pocket—that’s one thing she never has to worry about!

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